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Electrical equipment can be connected to the 230 Volt Euro socket in the rear centre console.

Rear centre console: 230 Volt Euro socket

Rear centre console: 230 Volt Euro socket

The 230 Volt Euro socket can only be used when the ignition is on ⇒ Fold up the lid to access the socket..

Fold up the lid to access the socket.
Plug the Euro connector into the socket. This will automatically release the child safety device.

LED in electrical socket

Appliances suitable for connection

Appliances suitable for connection

Electrical equipment with a Euro plug connector can be connected to the 230 Volt Euro socket. The appliances connected to the 230 Volt Euro socket must not exceed a power rating of 150 W (300 W peak power).

If you connect more than one appliance, the total power rating of all appliances must not exceed 150 W. If necessary, check the type plates on the connected appliances for details of the power ratings.

Connected appliances must be in perfect condition and free of defects.


  • Heavy appliances or plugs (such as power supply units) can damage the mounting of the 230 Volt Euro socket if they are suspended directly from the socket Risk of injury!
  • Make sure that all connected appliances are securely stowed when driving to prevent them from being catapulted through the car under braking or in an accident Danger to life!
  • Never spill liquid over the socket Danger to life! If the socket does get wet, ensure that it is absolutely dry before using it again.
  • Improper use of the electrical socket or appliances connected to it can cause injuries or fire Risk of injury!
  • Never leave children unattended in the vehicle while the engine is running Risk of injury!
  • Connected appliances behave differently than when they are connected to the public electricity grid. As a result, the connected appliances may become hot during operation Risk of injury!
  • When using adapters or extension cables, please remember that the child safety device on the 230 Volt Euro socket is deactivated and the socket is live Risk of injury!
  • Do not insert conductive materials, such as knitting needles, into the contacts of the 230 Volt Euro socket Danger to life!
  • Switch off the connected electrical appliances if the inverter trips out due to overheating Risk of injury!


  • Please observe the operating instructions for the connected appliances.
  • If the power drawn by the connected appliances is above 150 W, the inverter in the socket will get warm. The inverter will trip out if the temperature exceeds a certain limit. The inverter can trip out on hot days even when an appliance with a suitable power rating is used. The inverter will switch on again automatically after it has cooled down. Appliances which are already connected and switched on will be activated again automatically ⇒ .
  • Do not connect lamps which contain a neon tube. For technical reasons, this may damage the lamp.
  • Do not connect 115 Volt appliances to the 230 Volt Euro socket. This may cause irreparable damage to the appliance. Check the type plate on the appliance if you are unsure of the voltage rating.
  • With some power supplies (e.g. on laptop computers), the integrated surge suppressor prevents the equipment from being switched on because the starting current is too high. If this happens, please disconnect the power supply unit from the load and wait for about 10 seconds before re-connecting.


  • Unshielded equipment can cause interference on the radio, TV and vehicle's electrical system.
  • The Euro socket has an integrated child safety device. There is no power at the socket until the Euro connector is fully inserted.
  • Some appliances may not function normally due to the lower power rating (wattage).
  • The socket can be operated with 115 Volt power supplies, as is the case in certain countries. In this case, a different type of inverter must be installed in the vehicle. Retrofit kits are available from your Audi dealer. Do not connect 115 Volt appliances to the 230 Volt Euro socket.
  • Interference can occur on the radio's AM waveband if electrical appliances are used near the rear window aerial.