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Please note the following points to ensure there is no risk of the car rolling away accidentally after it is parked.

Parking the car

Ц Use the foot brake to stop the vehicle.
Ц Pull the switch to apply the parking brake.
Ц Automatic gearbox: Move the selector lever to P.
Ц Switch off the engine ⇒ Ц Manual gearbox: Engage the first gear..
Ц Manual gearbox: Engage the first gear.

When parking on slopes

Ц Turn the steering wheel so that the vehicle would roll into the kerb if it did start to move accidentally.


  • Х Always take the key with you when leaving the vehicle Ц even if you only intend to be gone for a short time. This is especially important if children are left in the car. They might otherwise be able to start the engine, release the parking brake or use poweroperated equipment such as the electric windows - this could lead to injuries.
  • Х Do not leave anyone (especially children) in the vehicle when it is locked. Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, potentially putting lives at risk.