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Caution: Vehicle parked too steep

This message can appear when you apply the parking brake if the car is parked on a gradient steeper than about 30%.

In this case the parking brake may not be strong enough to prevent the vehicle from rolling back accidentally.

Please release parking brake

However, please remember that, for safety reasons, the parking brake will only release automatically if the driver's seat belt is buckled.

Press brake pedal to release parking brake

This message may appear when you press the switch to release the parking brake. The parking brake can only be released, if you depress the brake pedal and simultaneously press the switch or if you use the parking brake auto release function.

This message will appear together with the yellow symbol Parking brake malfunction !

This message will appear together with the yellow symbol parking brake. if a malfunction should occur in the parking brake.

Fault in parking brake auto release

This driver message will appear in the event of a malfunction of the parking brake auto release. The automatic release of the parking brake when moving off from a standstill is not functioning correctly. The parking brake must be released manually by pressing the switch. Have the fault rectified by a qualified workshop.