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The driver of a vehicle with a manual gearbox of course has to change gears as appropriate, even when the adaptive cruise control is activated.

The adaptive cruise control is available from the second to the sixth gear (when driven in normal engine speed range).

When the adaptive cruise control is activated, the driver must press the clutch pedal as normal in order to change gear. When changing gear or pressing the clutch pedal (for up to 20 seconds), the adaptive cruise control will remain activated.

When changing gear, the driver does not have to accelerate after engaging a gear as the engine torque will be coordinated by the adaptive cruise control.

The following situations may lead to an automatic deactivation of the adaptive cruise control:

  • Х pressing the clutch pedal too long (longer than approx. 20 seconds)
  • Х incorrect changing of gears and/or use of the clutch pedal


  • Х The adaptive cruise control cannot be activated while changing gears.