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Instrument cluster: Indicator lamp

Instrument cluster: Indicator lamp

Target speed

The target speed set by the driver is indicated by a red diode in the speedometer.

If the speed setting is between two graduations on the speedometer dial, the two closest diodes will both light up ⇒ fig. 143.

It is only possible to set target speeds ranging from 30 to 200 km/h. This speed range is illuminated slightly by the diodes on the speedometer dial.

Indicator lamp (symbol)

A No vehicle in front: The green indicator lamp A, fig. 144 shows that the adaptive cruise control system is in cruise mode and that there is no vehicle in front. It maintains the stored target speed.
B Vehicle in front: The green indicator lamp B shows that the system has detected a vehicle in front. The speed is adapted to the vehicle in front. The adaptive cruise control system accelerates and brakes the vehicle automatically.
C Driver intervention prompt: When the red indicator lamp flashes C, this is a warning for the driver to intervene. The driver has to brake the vehicle with the foot brake. This warning lamp will always appear when the adaptive cruise control system alone is not able to brake the vehicle sufficiently to maintain a safe distance to a vehicle in front. An audible alarm (warning tone) will also sound when the lamp starts to flash. For further information on the driver intervention prompt ⇒ page 138.


  • If you exceed the target speed by using the accelerator, the driver intervention prompt will not be accompanied by a warning tone. The indicator lamp shown in the speedometer will also switch off if the target speed is exceeded.
  • You can change the volume of the warning tone on the sound system or MMI* ⇒ page 139, Setting the warning tone volume and driving program.