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Instrument cluster: Display

Instrument cluster: Display

Repeatedly press the RESET button on the windscreen wiper lever to select whether you wish to display information regarding the onboard computer, the navigation system* or the adaptive cruise control in this section of the display screen.

A Vehicle image
B Distance
C System status

A Vehicle image

The vehicle image will show you whether the system has detected a vehicle in front.

Vehicle outlined: No vehicle in front
Vehicle in white: A vehicle in front has been detected
Vehicle in red: Driver intervention prompt

B Distance

The arrows and scale indicate the distance to the vehicle in front.

  • No vehicle in front: If there is no vehicle in front, no arrows will be shown.
  • Vehicle in front: If a vehicle is detected in front, the arrows will be on the scale. The green area of the scale represents the distance setting. If you approach the vehicle in front slowly, the arrows will move from the grey area into the green area of the scale.
  • Driver intervention prompt: If you approach the vehicle in front quickly, the arrows act as a warning. When the actual distance is shorter (or is likely to become shorter) than the distance selected, the arrows move into the red area of the scale. In certain situations, you may need to intervene as the driver ⇒ page 138, Driver intervention prompt.

C Status

  • ACC OFF (in white letters): The adaptive cruise control is switched off.
  • ACC AVAILABLE (in white letters): The system is switched on but the control has not yet been activated.
  • OVERRIDE (in white letters): You have exceeded the target speed by accelerating.
  • DISTANCE! (in red letters): The distance to the vehicle in front is not sufficient and you have to brake the vehicle with the foot brake.
  • DISTANCE 1 to DISTANCE 4 (in green letters): Shows the time interval you have selected. The adaptive cruise control is in cruise mode.
  • DISTANCE 1 - dyn., DISTANCE 1 - comf. etc. (in green letters): If the settings are adjusted on the sound system or MMI* such that the standard driving program is replaced by comfort or dynamic, the message above will indicate the setting.