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The lane assist system assists the driver in keeping the vehicle in the right lane.

The system uses a camera to detect the markings of the lane you are driving in. If the vehicle approaches one of the detected lane markings, the steering wheel vibrates to warn the driver that the vehicle might be about to cross one of the markings. The lane assist system is functional when it has detected lane markings on both sides of the lane you are driving in. The green lamp that the function is activated and fully functional. in the instrument cluster indicates that the function is activated and fully functional.

If you operate the turn signal before crossing one of the lane markings (while the lane assist system is functional), the system will detect that the lane change is intended and will not warn the driver.

As the system is designed for driving on motorways and other major roads, it is only active above a speed of about 65 km/h.


  • Х The lane assist system does not keep the vehicle in its lane. It merely warns the driver when the vehicle is in danger of crossing the markings of the lane. As the driver you are always responsible for staying in your own lane.
  • Х The camera cannot detect all lane markings. Therefore it is possible that variations in the road surface or objects might be detected as lane markings, which can lead to false warnings, or warnings not being given.
  • Х The camera's view might be obstructed, for example by vehicles travelling in front, rain, snow, a lot of water on the road or adverse light. This can result in the system not detecting the lane markings correctly.