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Should the side assist be deactivated automatically, the indicator lamp in the button will go out and a message will appear in the instrument cluster display:

Audi side assist not available: sensors blocked

The sensors, which are not externally visible, are incorporated on either side of the rear bumper, fig. 163. To ensure the proper function of the side assist system, do not attach any objects (such as stickers or bicycle carriers, etc.) to the rear bumper in such a way that they might obstruct these sensors. Should the function of the system be impaired, the instrument cluster display will show this message. Please check whether anything is obstructing the sensors and remove the obstruction if necessary.

Audi side assist currently not available

The side assist is temporarily inoperative and cannot be switched on (for instance if the battery is not sufficiently charged).

Audi side assist: system fault

The system should be checked by an Audi dealership or other qualified workshop.

Audi side assist not available when towing

On vehicles with a factory-fitted towing bracket the side assist function will be switched off automatically when the electrical connector for the trailer is plugged in, and this message will appear in the instrument cluster display. The side assist function may not be switched off automatically if the towing bracket is not of the factoryfitted type.