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The possible vehicle set-up in each mode depends on which equipment is installed on your vehicle. The engine and the servotronic power steering are basic parts of your vehicle which are always included in the set-up. In addition, you can change the characteristics of the automatic gearbox*, dynamic steering* and suspension control*.

The response of the engine and automatic gearbox* to accelerator pedal movements will be more spontaneous or balanced, depending on which mode you select.

The servotronic power steering will also respond to different drive set-ups.

The dynamic steering* alters the steering ratio depending on the road speed to optimise the amount of steering effort required by the driver at any given time. This enables the sensitivity of the steering to be reduced at higher speeds in order to improve the handling of the vehicle. The steering is more direct at lower speeds to minimise the amount of steering effort required by the driver, e.g. when manoevring in tight spaces. The dynamic steering* also provides a more agile steering response at low and medium speeds. You can adjust the basic characteristics of the steering in the Audi drive select menu.

The suspension control* uses sensors to collect information on steering movements, braking and acceleration input by the driver, road surface quality, road speed and vehicle loading. Using this information, the suspension can be adapted almost instantaneously to changing driving conditions. With Audi drive select, the driver can choose between dynamic and comfort-oriented suspension set-ups (DYNAMIC and COMFORT modes), or opt for a more balanced set-up (AUTO mode).

The following table provides an overview of the characteristics in each driving mode.

If your vehicle is equipped with dynamic steering*, the servotronic power steering

If your vehicle is equipped with dynamic steering*, the servotronic power steering settings are adjusted in the Dynamic steering* menu.


  • Х You can select the sport program for gear changes on vehicles with an automatic gearbox* by activating the DYNAMIC mode. There is no S position on the selector lever.
  • Х You may hear a noise on vehicles with dynamic steering* when you start or stop the engine. This is no cause for concern.