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The selector lever lock prevents gears from being engaged inadvertently, so that the vehicle is not set in motion unintentionally.

Selector lever lock functions

Selector lever lock functions

The selector lever lock is released as follows:

Switch on the ignition.
Press the brake pedal and at the same time press in the interlock button.

Automatic selector lever lock

The selector lever is locked in the P and N positions when the ignition is on. The brake pedal must be depressed before the lever can be moved out of either of these positions. The following message appears in the instrument display as a reminder for the driver when the selector lever is in position P or N:


The selector lever lock only works if the vehicle is stationary or driving at speeds up to 5 km/h. At higher speeds the selector lever lock in the N position is disengaged automatically.

The selector lever lock is not engaged if the selector lever is moved quickly through position N (e.g. when shifting from R to D). This makes it possible, for instance, to rock the vehicle backwards and forwards if it is stuck in snow or mud. The selector lever lock engages automatically if the brake pedal is not depressed and the lever is in position N for more than about a second.

Interlock button

The interlock button on the selector lever handle prevents the driver from inadvertently engaging particular gears. Press the button in to disengage the selector lever lock. The illustration shows the selector lever positions in which the button has to be pressed, highlighted in colour ⇒ fig. 179.

Safety interlock for ignition key

The key can only be withdrawn with the ignition switched off and the selector lever in position P. When the ignition key is removed, the selector lever is locked in position P.