Dynamic gear control program (DCP)Dynamic gear control program (DCP)  - multitronic, tiptronic (6-speed gearbox) - Automatic gearbox - Controls - Audi A4 Owner's Manual - Audi A4

The automatic gearbox is controlled electronically.

The vehicle is equipped with an electronically controlled gearbox. The gear ratios are selected automatically according to preset gearshift programmes.

When you drive at moderate speeds the gearbox will select the most economical shift programme. It will then change up early and delay the downshifts to give better fuel economy.

If you drive at higher speeds with heavy acceleration, if you open the throttle quickly, or if you use the kick-down or the car's maximum speed, the gearbox will automatically select the more sporty shift programmes.

The gearbox is self-adapting, and continuously selects the most suitable shift programme. At the same time, the driver can also make the gearbox switch to a more "sporty" programme by pressing the accelerator quickly. Depending on road speed, this makes the gearbox shift down early into a lower gear ratio for more rapid acceleration (for instance to pass another vehicle), without having to press the accelerator all the way down into the kick-down position. After the gearbox has shifted back up it returns to the original programme, depending on your style of driving.

Vehicles with multitronic gearbox: The gearbox continuously adapts the gear ratios on uphill gradients. If the brake pedal is pressed on a downhill gradient the gearbox automatically shifts to a lower gear ratio. This increases the engine braking effect. Vehicles with tiptronic gearbox: The gearbox adapts the gearshifts for uphill and downhill gradients. This prevents the gearbox from shifting up and down unnecessarily on uphill gradients.