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Centre console: Parking aid switch

Centre console: Parking aid switch

Display: Graphical distance display

Display: Graphical distance display

Switching on

Ц Switch on the sound system or MMI*.
Ц Engage reverse gear, or
Ц Press the switch ; in the centre console ⇒ fig. 185 or next to the selector gate. You will hear a brief acknowledgement tone and the diode in the switch will light up.

Switching off

Ц Drive forwards faster than 10 km/h, or
Ц Press the switch Ц Switch off the ignition., or
Ц Switch off the ignition.

Segments in the graphic display

You can estimate the distance to an obstacle by referring to the red segments at the front and rear of the vehicle, fig. 186. The closer the vehicle gets to the obstacle the closer the segments move towards the vehicle in the graphic. At the latest when the penultimate segment is highlighted the vehicle has reached the danger (collision) zone. Stop moving immediately ⇒ WARNING!


  • Х The parking aid cannot replace the full concentration of the driver. The driver is always responsible for safety during parking and other manoeuvres.
  • Х The sensors have blind spots in which obstacles are not registered. It is particularly important to ensure that there are no small children or animals near the vehicle, as the sensors may not always be able to detect them.
  • Х Always keep a close watch on the area around the vehicle and make full use of the rear-view mirrors.

Please note that low obstacles detected by the system may no longer be registered Caution

Please note that low obstacles detected by the system may no longer be registered by the sensors as the car moves closer, so the system will not give any further warning. Certain kinds of obstacles (such as wire fences, chains, thin painted posts or trailer draw bars, etc.) may not always be detected by the system, so take care not to damage the vehicle in such cases.


  • Х You can change the display and adjust the volume and pitch of the beeps.
  • Х Please refer to the notes on towing
  • Х There is a slight delay in the picture display.