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Boot lid: Location of reversing camera

Boot lid: Location of reversing camera

We recommend that you practise parking with the reversing camera in a quiet location (car park or similar) in order to become familiar with the system, including the orientation lines and all the other features. Ideally, the weather and light conditions should be good. Vehicles or other objects shown in the MMI display appear to be further away or closer, if:

  • Х you are reversing from a horizontal surface up a gradient or down a hill,
  • Х you are reversing towards protruding objects,
  • Х the vehicle has been loaded with a greater load on the rear.

The accuracy of the orientation lines and the blue area markings decreases if:

  • Х the reversing camera does not provide a reliable image, e.g. if visibility is poor or the lens is dirty,
  • Х the sun is so dazzling that you cannot see the image on the display screen.

How to clean the lens of the reversing camera

The reversing camera is located above the rear number plate. To ensure that the parking aid works properly, the lens ⇒ fig. 191 must be kept clean.

Х Moisten the lens using a commercially available, alcohol-based glass cleaning agent and clean the lens with a dry cloth ⇒ Х Use a small brush to remove snow and a de-icer spray to remove ice ⇒.
Х Use a small brush to remove snow and a de-icer spray to remove ice ⇒ WARNING.


  • Х The parking aid cannot replace the full concentration of the driver. The driver is always responsible for safety during parking and other manoeuvres.
  • Х Always keep a close watch on the area around the vehicle and make full use of the rear-view mirrors.
  • Х Do not allow the camera images in the MMI display to distract you from watching the traffic.
  • Х For safety reasons, you should not use the system if the position and installation angle of the camera have been changed, e.g. in a rear-end collision. Have it checked by a qualified workshop.


  • Х Please note that low obstacles detected by the system may no longer be registered by the sensors as the car moves closer, so the system will not give any further warning. Certain kinds of obstacles (such as wire fences, chains, thin painted posts or trailer draw bars, etc.) may not always be detected by the system, so take care not to damage the vehicle in such cases.
  • Х Never remove snow and ice from the lens of the reversing camera using warm or hot water - danger of cracks appearing on the lens.
  • Х Never use abrasive cleaning agents on the lens.