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The HomeLink universal transmitter can be programmed to replace the hand-held controls of devices already in use.

HomeLink allows you to conveniently activate garage doors, estate gates, security systems, home or office lighting and other electric devices by means of control buttons inside your car.

HomeLink can replace up to three hand-held transmitters operating existing devices on your property with a single universal transmitter. This will be possible for most transmitters which control the drive units for a garage door or external gates, etc. You can programme the individual hand-held transmitters for your remote control at or near the centre of the radiator grille. This is where the control unit is located.

To be able to control systems with HomeLink, you need to perform initial programming on the HomeLink transmitter first. If systems fail to respond after the initial programming, check whether these systems work with a "rolling code" (variable security code).

When you are programming the HomeLink universal transmitter, make sure WARNING

When you are programming the HomeLink universal transmitter, make sure that no persons or objects are close to the devices receiving the transmitter signals. If a gate or door is inadvertently set into motion during programming, persons might be injured or other damage caused by moving parts.


  • For additional information on HomeLink and/or products compatible with HomeLink, please call the toll-free HomeLink hotline (0) 08000466 35465 or alternatively +49 (0) 6838 907 277, or visit the HomeLink website at: www.homelink.com
  • HomeLink is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls.