Points to remember if children are travelling in the carPoints to remember if children are travelling in the car  - Child safety - Safety - Audi S5 Owner's Manual - Audi S5


Statistics show that children are generally safer on the rear seat than on the front passenger's seat.

Children under 12 years of age should normally travel on the rear seat 4). Children travelling on the rear seat must use a child restraint system or the seat belts provided, depending on their age, height and weight. For safety reasons, the child restraint system should be installed behind the front passenger's seat.

The physical principles involved and the forces acting in a collision apply to children just as much as adults ⇒Forces acting in a collision. But, unlike adults, children do not have fully developed muscle and bone structures. This means that children are subject to a greater risk of injury.

To reduce this risk, children must always use special child restraint systems when travelling in the car.

Use only child restraint systems which are officially approved under the European standard ECE R 44 and are suitable for the child. ECE R refers to the Economic Commission of Europe Recommendation, which categorises child restraint systems in 5 groups ⇒ Child seat categories. Child restraints that have been tested and approved under the ECE R 44 standard bear the ECE-R 44 test mark on the seat (the letter E in a circle with the test number below it).

We recommend using child restraint systems from the range of Audi Genuine Accessories available from Audi dealers. The Huckepack range includes suitable restraint systems for all ages.

These systems have been specially developed and tested for use in Audi vehicles and comply with the ECE-R 44 standard.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and observe any statutory requirements when installing and using child restraints ⇒in  in Important safety notes for using child safety seats.