Important safety notes for using child safety seatsImportant safety notes for using child safety 
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Correct use of child safety seats can help to reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

All vehicle occupants, especially children, must wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion.
Children who are less than 1.5 metres tall must not wear a normal seat belt without a child restraint, as this could cause injuries to the abdominal and neck areas.
Babies and children must never travel on another occupant's lap.
A suitable child safety seat can protect your child ⇒ Child safety seats.
Never allow two children to occupy one child safety seat.
Never leave a child without supervision in a child safety seat.
Never allow a child to travel in the car without a suitable child restraint.
Never allow a child to stand up or kneel on a seat while the car is moving. In an accident, the child could be catapulted through the car, causing possibly fatal injuries to itself and other occupants.
If children lean forward or are otherwise out of position when the car is moving, they are at greater risk of injury in an accident.
This is particularly the case if the child is travelling on the front passenger's seat and the airbag system is triggered in an accident.
There is then a risk of serious or potentially fatal injury.
To ensure proper protection, it is important to wear the seat belts in the correct position ⇒ How to wear seat belts properly. Always check that the belt is properly positioned according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the child safety seat. Incorrectly worn seat belts can give rise to injuries even in a minor collision.
Never install a rearward-facing child safety seat on the front passenger's seat if the front passenger's airbag has not been deactivated.
Extra caution is advised if you are installing a child safety seat using the same mounting bolts as the existing car seat belts. The bolts must be screwed in all the way to the full depth of the mounting holes and tightened to a torque of 50 Nm. Failure to observe this precaution could result in potentially fatal injury. We recommend having the installation performed by a qualified workshop.