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A red symbol warns of a serious malfunction.

Display: Symbol for serious malfunction
Display: Symbol for serious malfunction

Ц Stop the vehicle.
Ц Switch off the engine.
Ц Check the function displayed. Obtain professional assistance if necessary.

The red symbols indicate a Priority 1 fault (serious malfunction).

Should a Priority 1 fault occur, a red warning symbol will appear at the top of the display,. The symbol is accompanied by a driver message giving you more information about the fault. This symbol is accompanied by three warning chimes. The symbol will keep flashing until the fault is corrected.

If several Priority 1 faults are detected at the same time, the symbols are displayed one after the other for about 2 seconds at a time.

This message will disappear after about 5 seconds, but you can call it up again at any time by pressing the SET button.

Alternator fault